Premier Services

Most of what you need to transport or warehouse doesn’t fit neatly into tidy boxes, crates or containers. It doesn’t have to.

At Premier Freight we build a shipment plan focused around you. We call it Customer-Centric Logistics. Our team looks at supply chains and logistics holistically, from beginning to end. We don’t just look at your numbers on pure financial terms, instead we listen to exactly what you need and align our services to you.

Premier Innovations

  • Premier Simple Pricing: linear trailer space x mileage = rate
  • One-Touch Operations: Your content is handled once at our dock and never handled again until it reaches your customer

With decades of proven experience managing supply chain and logistics, we offer comprehensive services. So challenge us! We have the solution for you.

Standard, "One-Touch" service from coast-to-coast
  • LTL and Truckload
  • Flatbed service—step decks, low boys and tarping
  • Freight auditing
  • Premier Simple Pricing
  • One Touch Operations
Our most thorough service for sensitive loads across any distance
  • Pad-wrapped, straps and decking
  • Lift-gate and ramp service
Expedited services for last-minute needs
  • Local shuttles
  • Air Freight
Standard “One Touch” storage
  • 325,000 sq.ft. available space
  • Just-in-time management